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HBM Gold Cement

HBM Cement:  Pozzolana Cement (1489: Part -1, 2015) unique blend of Durability and Strength. The cement is produced by one of the most experienced cement company of India.
The plant is a state-of-the-art, dry processing unit with Advanced Instrumentation Systems, computerized process control and Online Quality Control through X-ray. This ensures consistently high quality product from its plants. Needless to say, that the company is using high quality clinker, fly ash, gypsum and other raw materials.  
The HBM Cement Marketing is supported by well qualified Marketing Team and Customer Technical Support (CTS) to enhance the customer satisfaction. 
HBM Cement are available in two type of packaging – HDPE and Adstar bags

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Product Highlights


  • Anti-Corrasion
  • Vacuum Tight Packing
  • Low Water Consumption
  • High Compressive Strength
  • High Resistance to Water
  • Double Action Stage
  • Anti-Crack
  • 4K Fineness
Application of HBM Cement
• All kinds of constructions – Individual House buildings to Industrials Complexes 
• Masonry and plaster works 
• Mass concrete works, roads, dams, runways, flyovers, spillways, canals, etc
• Large foundations, pile foundations, and retaining walls
• Cement-based products: brick, pipe, tiles, block, poles, etc
• Slipform Construction

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